Monday, March 1

Soapy Inspirations- Blue Eyed Grass

Here in the Texas Hill Country, we are famous for our wildflowers.  We've had a lot of rain this winter, so we should have a beautiful wildflower spring!  Bluebonnets, Indian Blankets, Buttercups... I'll post pictures as soon as we start getting some blooms.  But one of my favorite wildflowers shows up around here a little later on in the year-  Blue Eyed Grass.

The blooms are very dainty, and a lovely shade.  Today I worked on a soapy version:

I am *so* ready for warmer weather and spring and summer color!

P.S.  The Blue Eyed Grass Soaps are now available at Bean Street Market!


  1. Oh my goodness, they are SO perfect! I love 'em. You did a great job with them. =)

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie! And I love your new avatar!

  3. These are so pretty! I love the color! They look perfect and like the fit beautifully in the palm of your hand. Lovely!

  4. Beautiful. Love it.

    Stopped by from Friday Follow.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my staging series!
    Love the soap, going over now to check out your shop.

  6. The soap is way too pretty to use!

  7. No no SonyaAnn! Use them up- we'll make more! :)


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