Tuesday, April 28

White Tea & Ginger

This is our shea butter soap inlaid with colored olive oil soap flowers, scented with our popular white tea & ginger scent, flowery and a little spicy. These are sliced generously as extra large bars.

Tuesday, April 14

Lemon Pound Cake

This is our Shea Butter Lemon Pound Cake Soap- and it smells *exactly* like fresh pound cake just out of the oven! I have to remind my husband that it is *not* edible!!

Wednesday, April 8

Beachcomber Soap

This is one of our newest soaps, the Beachcomber. Scented with a clean Ocean & Salty Mariner combo, this clear olive oil soap looks like a collection of sea glass found on a long stroll along the beach...aaaaahhhhh...

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