Saturday, October 31


Working with our new Bonsai scent!

These shea butter soaps have a fresh, soapy scent, touched with a little evergreen- great for the guy in your life!

Tuesday, October 27

Travel Tuesday- San Antonio Botanical Gardens

San Antonio is just around the corner from here, and there's all kinds of things to do.  These are some photos from a weekend trip we took to the Botanical Gardens downtown.

We actually went in January- one of the benefits of living in central Texas- flowers bloom year round!

Monday, October 26

Introducing Bath Salts!

We've got a brand new product here at Bean Street!  Soothing, luxurious bath salts, made with Dead Sea Salts. 

Dead Sea Salts contains more minerals than regular sea salt, which is mostly sodium chloride (table salt).  These minerals, including magnesium, calcum, bromide and potassium, are believed to have numerous benefits to the skin and body. 

They come in several yummy scents- this Pomegranate one is my current favorite!

Saturday, October 24

Bean Street Market on Facebook!

Well, I guess I'm the last person in the universe on Facebook!  So, now that I'm finally "socially networking", check out Bean Street Market's Fan Page...

Thursday, October 22

Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest

This Saturday is the Fredericksburg Food and Wine Fest!

Wine tastings from many of our Texas wineries are on offer, as well as food, cooking classes, specialty booths, and entertainment.  The Fest will be held at the Marktplatz on Main Street.  Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

Edit: So we went today and had so much fun! LOTS of people there- wine samples and by the glass,  olive oil and salsa and jelly vendors, and music!

Tuesday, October 20

Travel Tuesday- Riviera Maya

This beautiful stretch of beach south of Cancun, Mexico is another one of my favorite places anywhere!

We took a long weekend several years ago and fell in love! We stayed at one of the many all-inclusive resorts on the beach. Mayan ruins, fantastic coral reef snorkeling, and lots of relaxation. One of the best trips we ever took!

Sunday, October 18

Fresh Batch of Sugar Cube Scrubs

Just completed a fresh batch of our Sugar Cube Scrubs!

The Pomegranate Sugar Cubes are a nice complementary scent to the Starry Starry Soaps,

and the Pumpkin Spice Cubes go perfectly with our Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Soaps- a wonderful autumn duo!

Wednesday, October 14

And... We're Back

A variety of things have kept me away from the computer and blogging lately... hopefully, we're back on track! And here's our latest soapy creation...

Swirls and Stripes!  A fruity, sweet scent of citrus and peach salsa, with bright mica colors in a shea butter soap.

Tuesday, October 6

Travel Tuesday- Everest

Okay, okay, it's not the real Mt. Everest. I'm just not brave enough to do anything that extreme! But I am extreme enough to ride Expedition Everest at Disney World over and over and over again...
If you've never been, it's one of the best themed attractions- at Disney or anywhere! And today, I wish I was riding the coaster with the Yeti!

Saturday, October 3

Featured on ByHand Gallery!

Here's what ByHand Gallery is all about, in their own words: is the brainchild of M. Adam Kendall. Adam created byhand as a
way for artists to connect and promote their work free of the venues that host
their listings. He felt artists should be promoting themselves, their work, and
each other.

One of the tools Adam created at byhand was a revolutionary way to share
handmade work, called Spotlights. Spotlights allow byhand members to create
small galleries of artists' work and share those galleries, both on the byhand
site itself and just about anywhere else on the internet as well. Clicking on an
item that interests you in a Spotlight takes you directly to the artists'
listing for that item no matter where that listing may be.

Byhand Galleries is a collection of the best "Treasury" Spotlights...
Spotlights created around a theme that allows the Spotlight itself to become a
work of art. So enjoy, click on the work that interests you, and when you can,
buy handmade!
And thanks to Beth at BPR Designs for including us in her spotlight!
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