Tuesday, June 30

Fresh Lemon Kitchen Soap

These are our Fresh Lemon Kitchen Soaps. We did an outdoor product photo shoot today- I thought only natural sunshine could do their pretty yellow color justice!

These happy soaps were part of a wholesale order we just delivered. The lemon and orange essential oils cut kitchen odors and leave your hands with a bright, clean scent. I'm using the scraps at my kitchen sink... I may have to make some more just for me!

Monday, June 29

Apricot Freesia Body Polish

Just made a fresh batch of our fabulous Body Polish! This scrubby concoction includes pure cane sugar and ground apricot seeds for exfoliation, and sweet almond oil to moisturize. The Apricot Freesia scent is light and sweet, and because it's a polish, it rinses clean. Use it on trouble spots like elbows and feet, or all over for super soft and smooth skin!

Saturday, June 27

Shout Out- Texas Wineries

Take a look at this interesting research from Texas:

Texas A&M AgriLife
JUNE 15, 2009

It's happy hour for Texas wineries. Research now shows that wines produced in the Lone Star State share the anti-cancer traits known to exist in wines from other producing regions. Extracts from two Texas red wines decreased cancer cell growth in a comparable magnitude as other wines previously studied, according to Dr. Susanne Talcott, Texas AgriLife Research food and nutrition scientist. Her study, which concluded in May, showed decreased growth of colon and breast cancer cells treated with port and syrah (or shiraz) wine. It was the first such study of the health components of Texas wines, she said.

photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

"These results could definitely be projected to all Texas wines containing similar amounts of bioactive compounds," Talcott said. "And this will be the basis for a continued intensive study of all the health benefits of wines made in this state."

Okay, so this has nothing to do with bath or body products... But these Texas wineries are some of our neighbors here in the Hill Country, and we thought they deserved a shout out! They offer tours, tastings and weekend entertainment. For more info, visit Texas Wine Trail and Go Texas Wine.

Thursday, June 25

Oatmeal Honey Soap

This is our Honey Oatmeal soap. It is a shea butter soap chocked with goodness for your skin: honey soothes, oatmeal and ground vanilla beans to gently exfoliate, shea butter moisturizes.

This soap is so gentle, I use this as my daily facial bar. Breakfast for your skin!

Wednesday, June 24

Custom Gift Baskets

Our gift baskets are custom made, packed with handmade bath & body goodies! This one includes a soy candle, bath fizzies, sugar body polish, and soap, all scented in our Citrus Sunshine.

We make baskets for any occasion- your best friend's birthday, thank you gifts for your wedding party, even corporate gifts for the holidays. Email us at info@beanstreetmarket.com to order yours!

Tuesday, June 16


I'm working on a wholesale order right now for a local coffee bar, and wow! this place smells so good! The order includes coffee and food scented soy candles, and my favorite one so far is a Bramble Berry scent called Turkish Mocha that I'm calling Mocha Java.

As a soy candle, it has a coffee-chocolatey-pastry scent all rolled into one... YUM! I got so hungry testing the candles that I had to make some brownies!
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