Thursday, December 23

Tuesday, December 7

Apple Cider Soaps

These are the soaps in our Apple Cider gift crates-

I just think they're so cute, I wanted to give you a closer look!

Friday, December 3

For all Those Santas Out There...

How's your Christmas shopping going?  It always seems like my Christmas list gets longer and longer as the season speeds along- there's always one more person I need to shop for!  Our gift crates are perfect for gift exchanges, co-workers, teachers, babysitters...

They include our Sugar Cube Scrub, 2 bars of soap, and a soap trivet, all handmade, and all nestled in a custom wood crate, ready to go right under the tree!

We're leaving our sales up through this weekend, so go to this post to find your coupon codes!

New Friend Fridays

Wednesday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving! And Coupon Codes!!

Here they are- our brand-new Bean Street Market Gift Crates!

And starting on Black Friday through the weekend, use coupon code THANKS to get 10% off your order!  (For our Etsy shop, use coupon code THANKS2010).  We are thankful for all our friends and fans, and we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Tuesday, November 23

Thank You Friends and Followers!

Woo Hoo!  We hit 300 followers this week on the Bean Street Market Blog!

I have so enjoyed sharing our bath and body creations here with you each week.  I've been a little scarce around here lately, getting ready for the holidays, but we've got a special treat (and sale!!)  prepared for all our friends and fans!  Check back here tomorrow to see... meanwhile, here's a sneak peek...

Friday, October 29

Soapy Inspiration- Sushi

We love sushi!

And while good sushi is a little hard to come by here in this little town in south central Texas (except for here- where my hubby takes me on my birthday and our anniversary!), it still served as inspiration this week for some soap!

Scented with Wasabi fragrance, of course!


Wednesday, October 27

Happy Halloween!

This is about as scary as I get, folks... The Tower of Terror, Disney World!

Linking up with Wordless Wednesday, and 5 Minutes for Mom... and

Monday, October 11

Candy Corn Soap Features

Our Candy Corn Soap has been attracting some attention!

Julie featured them on her blog, Etsy Stalkers...

and Carrie from carriedawaybags also put us in her Candy Corn Obsession Treasury!

Thanks for the shout outs girls!

Sunday, October 10

Cranberry Spice Sugar Cube Scrub

We've got a yummy new sugar cube scrub!

Cranberry Spice, scented with cranberry and clove fragrances- the perfect autumn scent.

And as always, our cube scrubs are made with pure cane sugar and nourishing sweet almond oil.  You can find them in our Etsy Shop!

Saturday, October 9

This Week...

We've been working this week on things other than soap!

This is just a sneak preview... hoping to share more with you very soon!

Friday, October 1

Gone Batty

Happy October!  We're getting geared up for Halloween here...

These batty soaps are scented with Cranberry Fig and have a little sparkle on the inside!

So happy Fall (and Friday) is here!

New Friend Fridays

Friday, September 24

Soapy Inspiration- Candy Corn

My husband *loves* candy corn.  Every Halloween I buy him a bag and question his sense of taste.

But they are pretty, and so... another soapy inspiration!

I know, I know... I got the shape wrong :)

And since the real thing smells like, well, nothing, I took a few liberties and created a sweet citrus and lemon essential oil mixed fragrance for these look alikes.  Available in our Etsy Shop!

Happy Friday everyone!

New Friend Fridays

Monday, September 20

Cranberry Spice Soaps

New soaps are here for fall!

Cranberry Spice Soaps- such cute little fat soaps!  They come in a choice of pumpkin...

...or leaf shapes...

You can find them here at Bean Street Market!

Monday, September 13

Autumn Leaf Guest Soaps

This weekend here it was humid and in the 90's... better than the 100's from last month, but kind of difficult to get in the mood for fall.  But I forged ahead and made these autumn leaf guest soaps:

Aren't they sweet?  Each 3 ounce soap has a pretty fall leaf inside (made of soap) and tinted with slightly sparkly mica.

I used Pomegranate fragrance and lemon essential oil to scent them- a wonderful autumn fragrance!  You can find them here in our Etsy store...

...And here's to hoping for some fall weather!

Saturday, August 21

Soapy Inspiration- Raspberries and Limes

The raspberries at my local grocery store have been fantastic the past few weeks- sweet, juicy, and gorgeous!

They served as my soapy inspiration this week- Raspberry Lime Shea Butter Soap!   


Simple and sweet, just like their inspiration.  And the scent- sun ripened raspberries and fresh lime... yum! 


Get some in our Etsy shop!

Wednesday, August 18


I think these are a cosmos variety of blooms, but I'm not sure...

Anyone else know?

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, August 17

Saturday, August 7

Flowery Soaps

Here's some soaps I've been working on this week...

I haven't come up with a good name for them yet, so for now, I'll just call them Flowery Soaps.  Aren't they pretty?
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