Friday, February 26

Friday Follow

So this is my first Friday Follow... hope I'm doing it right! :)  Welcome to everyone who stops by- hope you enjoy browsing through my soapy adventures!

Sparkly Inspiration

I was bouncing around the internet the other day, look for some soapy inspirations, when I came across... rocks!  I know, rocks don't sound that inspirational, but take a look:

Amethysts- aren't they gorgeous?  I love the color, of course, but also the texture and how, no matter which way you turn it, you're going to get some sparkle.

So into the studio I go, and came up with this...

Amethyst Soap!  And made with our shea butter and silk, so it's great for your skin.  And nice and sparkly, too!

Wednesday, February 24

Shout Out- Fredericksburg Guide on Design Sponge

One of our neighbors has a guest post on Design*Sponge today!

Lara of Enid posted her Fredericksburg, Texas Guide to some of our great brick and mortar stores and restaurants here in our little corner of the Texas Hill Country... she touched on almost all of my favorites!

Tuesday, February 23

Snowfall in Texas

We actually got a little snow down here today!  I know most of the rest of the country is sick and tired of snow this year, but this is the first we've seen around here in a while.

The pics off my iPhone aren't great- (my good camera is at the soap studio!)  but you get the idea...
Anyway, it was a good day to stay inside and make soap... so I did!  I'll share some of them with you later this week...

Monday, February 22

This Weekend's Work

Here's one of the soaps I created this weekend, working on our new Spring Collection:

A new design for our Passionfruit Rose Soap!  A moisturizing shea butter soap, made with silk proteins for soft, satiny feel on your skin and flecked with rose pink and dark green micas.

Saturday, February 20

Happy (Still Winter) Weekend!

The weather looks fairly mild for us down here in Texas this weekend, and it makes me ready for spring!  I stepped out into the back yard, hoping to see some signs of life...

Unfortunately, this is not what I saw... (these pretty crocuses are from last March)... but maybe they'll be making their debut soon!   So I'll be working on our Spring Collection today instead of working in the yard... hope to show you something later this weekend!

Tuesday, February 16

Bath Salts are Back

Our luxurious Bath Salts, spa inspired and made with Dead Sea Salts, are back!  Dead Sea salts are mineral rich and have been believed for centuries to have healthful effects on the skin. We also add sweet almond oil to our salts- good for all skin types, sweet almond oil moisturizes and gives skin a healthy glow.

We've repackaged them into these cute-yet-practical tubes- easy to pour right into a warm bath!

And of course, we've lightly scented them with some of our fantastic scents- Pomegranate, Lavender Mint, and Rosehip Jasmine are currently available at Bean Street Market!

Monday, February 15

I Won! I Won!

*beaming*  I just have to share a little bit of sunshine-  I won a blog giveaway over at By Hand Giveaways!  (If you've never been there, you really need to go- lots of super cool stuff...) It was for a gift certificate to Joyful D*sign 's Etsy shop!  I chose this lovely seaglass pendant:

And then I couldn't resist some matching earrings:

Aren't they pretty?  All of her pieces are made with real sea glass- one of my favorite things.  So be sure and stop by her Etsy shop and take a look around!

And thanks again to By Hand Giveaways and Joyful D*sign!

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Today is all about roses, but did you know that today is the day to prune your rosebushes too?  At least that's what they recommend down here in the warm south... for more info, check out this article from Rose Magazine.

And when you're done working in your rose garden, you're going to need to clean up!  Try our Gardener's Soap- specially made for dirty gardener's hands, but moisturizing too!

(See how cleverly I worked soap into that?!)

Thursday, February 11

New Baskets on Bean Street!

We've got a new line of gift baskets at Bean Street Market!

These lovelies are filled with a container of Sugar Cube Scrub and two of our handmade, handcut soaps- all wrapped up and ready to give!

They're available right now in Fresh Lemon, Pomegranate and Bonsai, with more on the way!

Sunday, February 7

Featured in an Etsy Treasury!

Check out this great Etsy Treasury of Valentine goodies!  Each of these are handmade by Etsy Texas Crafters, which includes our candy hearts soaps

And for more Texas goodness, search on "teametsytx" at

Saturday, February 6

Feelin' the Love

The Bean Street Market website just got a new look! (And some new products, too!)  And to celebrate, we're offering 10% off your entire order now through Valentine's Day!  So go on over and check us out, and don't forget your coupon code: beanstreetlove
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