Saturday, August 21

Soapy Inspiration- Raspberries and Limes

The raspberries at my local grocery store have been fantastic the past few weeks- sweet, juicy, and gorgeous!

They served as my soapy inspiration this week- Raspberry Lime Shea Butter Soap!   


Simple and sweet, just like their inspiration.  And the scent- sun ripened raspberries and fresh lime... yum! 


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Wednesday, August 18


I think these are a cosmos variety of blooms, but I'm not sure...

Anyone else know?

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, August 17

Saturday, August 7

Flowery Soaps

Here's some soaps I've been working on this week...

I haven't come up with a good name for them yet, so for now, I'll just call them Flowery Soaps.  Aren't they pretty?
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