Friday, July 30

Giveaway at Trendy Treehouse!

Do you know about Trendy Treehouse?

The Trendy Treehouse

They have tutorials, crafts, recipes, and they host several memes throughout the week, including Marketing Mondays, and, my favorite, New Friend Fridays!

This week they have written a wonderful review about us!  And we're hosting a giveaway over there too!

We're giving away our Pomegranate Swirl Soap and Spritz Sprayable Body Lotion in a matching Pomegranate scent... so hop on over and enter to win!!

And  while you're there, check out all your new bloggy friends with New Friend Friday!  I've also linked up with Holly at 504 Main, who always has something fabulous going on, especially on Fridays!

New Friend Fridays            504 Main

Thursday, July 29

Beach Bum Soap on Etsy!

Our Beach Bum soaps are now available in our Etsy store!

I posted about these and their soapy inspiration a few weeks back... They are scented with a crisp and clean wasabi fragrance- great for girls and guys!

Monday, July 26

Say Anything

This is a little project I've been working on- they're not perfected yet, but they're getting close, so I wanted to share these with you-

Say Anything Soaps!  These are guest sized soaps- 2.5 ounces or so.  They're approximately the size of a business card (but thicker of course!)  And the possibilities are endless- advertising a business, wedding or baby shower favors, any holiday or special occasion, and they could say anything!

I'll share some more soaps using this technique later in the week...

If you could make your soap say anything, what would it say?


Friday, July 16

Soap Studio Inspiration

I am loving the new soap studio!  It's already gotten my creative juices flowing!  Here are some studio-inspired soaps:

I pulled the green from the walls and the pink from the curtains.  Hearts because I love the new space, and scented with Champagne to celebrate!

Hope everyone has a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

New Friend Fridays

Tuesday, July 13

The All New Soap Studio!!

I've been away from the blog for a few days, remodeling the soap studio! When we moved in six months ago, the focus was just to get up and running (and to get all of the soap stuff out of my kitchen at home!).  But I wanted a place to work that would inspire me and make me happy... so we took the plunge!  It still needs some finishing touches, but I wanted to share the progress with you so far...

First, some before pics...

Bare, concrete floor with random tire marks on it...

Unfinished dry wall...

First, the walls. I floated my first drywall seams!

We stained the concrete floor and sealed it- I love the texture and warmth of the color.  And, it covered up all the ugly spots!

And then the paint.  I chose Jalapeno Jelly for the color, with black accents.

And here's the result:

As you can see, we've still got some unpacking and organizing to do.  We'll also eventually paint the shelving and workbench, but I wanted to get up and running again as soon as possible.  I've already made a batch of soap!

Thanks for taking the tour!  Next I'll show you the soaps my new studio inspired!

Saturday, July 10

Please Stand By...

We're remodeling the Soap Studio this week!  We will be (mostly) finished by the end of the weekend, and then soapy inspirations will resume...

I can't wait to show you the before and afters!

Friday, July 2

Happy 4th!

Soapy stars to celebrate Independence Day!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend!

New Friend Fridays
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