Monday, July 26

Say Anything

This is a little project I've been working on- they're not perfected yet, but they're getting close, so I wanted to share these with you-

Say Anything Soaps!  These are guest sized soaps- 2.5 ounces or so.  They're approximately the size of a business card (but thicker of course!)  And the possibilities are endless- advertising a business, wedding or baby shower favors, any holiday or special occasion, and they could say anything!

I'll share some more soaps using this technique later in the week...

If you could make your soap say anything, what would it say?



  1. Amy - SOOO COOL!!! I would want one that said "Dirt" or names of people in my family. These are such a cool idea :)

  2. That is wicked cool! I think this could be such an awesome marketing tool. Very nice touch.

  3. love these Amy!!!

    "use me"

    kids names!!! an awesome idea for stockings and Easter baskets

    Bible verses

  4. Eeeek! These look great. Perfect for any occasion. Mine would say "wash me".

  5. They're really pretty. I love them.


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