Thursday, July 29

Beach Bum Soap on Etsy!

Our Beach Bum soaps are now available in our Etsy store!

I posted about these and their soapy inspiration a few weeks back... They are scented with a crisp and clean wasabi fragrance- great for girls and guys!


  1. I love all your stuff - I just gotta break down and go pick up a few items when my money comes in - Smiles. You have absolutely beautiful soaps.


  2. Gasp! These are my favorite. Beach Bum is the perfect name!

  3. Thanks guys! These are actually a lot of fun to make too!

  4. I know two little girls who will be thrilled to be getting these...can't wait!!!

  5. These soaps are gorgeous in person. If you are considering buying them...DO!!! Amy - you must stock these as part of your summer line every year! They are so much fun!!


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