Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year!!

We've got some big plans at Bean Street Market for the New Year!  Some great new products are in the works, which I'm really excited about.  Also, we're moving into a spacious new Soap Studio- more on that very soon!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Thursday, December 24

Merry Christmas!!

Here are some finished Christmas gift baskets we made for friends and loved ones-

Christmas Cranberry Bath Salts, Shea Butter and Silk Soap, and Sprayable Body Lotion (Brand new… look for it after the New Year!)

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of blessings!

Tuesday, December 15

Snowflake Inspirations

Check out this website:

According to the website: "These pictures show real snow crystals that fell to earth in Northern Ontario, Alaska, Vermont, the Michigan Upper Peninsula, and the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. They were captured by Kenneth G. Libbrecht using a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope."


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… hey, it could happen… Houston got 2 inches two weeks ago!!

Monday, December 14

O Christmas Tree

We decorated the Christmas Tree this weekend!

Hope everyone is having a fun and peace-filled holiday season!

Sunday, December 13

Color and Pattern Inspiration

Look at this cool picture my husband just sent me!

He found it randomly surfing on the web- I believe it came from a Chinese digital wallpaper website.  I love the color combinations and, of course, the flowers..

Wednesday, December 9

Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap

These scrumptious bars are our latest creation at Bean Street Market! 

Made with our Goat's Milk Soap, ground oatmeal, and real honey, it's great for sensitive skin.  Available now at Bean Street!

Saturday, December 5

Fresh Batch of Mint Mojito

A new batch of Mint Mojito Soap, with a new swirly curl!

 Get yours here, or as part of of our Minty Goodness Gift Box!

Wednesday, December 2

Disney and Food Network!!

The elves here at Bean Street have been so busy packing and shipping soaps and goodies for the holidays, there hasn't been much time for blogging!! 

We've got some new soaps to share with you, but for now, I just wanted to share something coming up this weekend-

Two of my favorite things are Disneyworld, and Food Network... and I get to have both this weekend!  Food Network is showing a special with Guy Fieri and all the great holiday food at Disney- can't wait!!  Tune in with me Saturday December 5 at  9 pm eastern...
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