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Soapy Inspirations- Honeysuckle Pink!

Did you know that there is a color of the year?  (I didn't...)

Pantone announced the 2011 Color of the Year... drumroll please...

Honeysuckle Pink!

I. Love. This. Color.

And here are the soaps it inspired: 

Honeysuckle Swirl Soap!

They're made with shea butter and scented with a light honeysuckle and a hint of champagne- light and ready for spring.

You can get some for yourself right here!

Sunday, February 27

Joyful Moments

Our daffodils are blooming...

A joyful sign that spring is on the way!

For more joyful moments, visit Joyful Jones!

And I'm also linking up with And then, she {snapped}!  I'm working on my Photoshop skills with this photo: I selected the background and added a lens blur, then decreased the background saturation to enhance the foreground daffodil.  (Can I just say, Photoshop is awesome?)

and then, she {snapped}

Wednesday, February 23

NYC Skyline

As much as I long for spring, I guess I have to give winter its time too.

A wintery skyline in the Big Apple.

Wordless Wednesday with A Beautiful Mess and Goober Grape and Monkey Man!

Monday, February 21

Soapy Inspiration- Ribbon!

I'm a bit of a scrapbook junkie, and I've got all kinds of papers and glitters markers and doodads in my craft room.

One of my favorite things to scrap with is ribbon...

...and this is the last tidbit of one of my favorite rolls.  And then I thought... hey, that would make a great soap!

Aren't they cheery?

I used a sweet, floral scent with notes of magnolia and lilies... I am so ready for spring!

Oh, and if you're so inclined, you can get them here!

We're also linking up with Macro Monday, LENS Photo Challenge, and Making the World Cuter Monday today- check out their blogs for some cool macro shots and cute stuff!

Thursday, February 17

Soapy Inspirations Revealed- Orange Zest!

Here's the inspiration for our latest soaps...

...and here are the soaps!

Orange and citrus lovers, these soaps are for you!  Little soapy orange slices embedded in glycerin soaps, scented with a bright, orange zest fragrance.

Wednesday, February 16

Soapy Inspirations

The oranges here in South Texas are so yummy this time of year!

The color, the smell, the taste, oh my!

Tune in tomorrow to see the soaps they inspired...

Linking up with Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes for Mom...

Monday, February 14

New! Lime Kumquat Soaps

More new soaps at Bean Street!

I've been working with a new Kumquat fragrance for a while, but it was a little too... fruity?  So I blended it with a nice tart lime, and viola!  The Lime Kumquat Soap was born.

You can get some for yourself here!

Oh, a little housekeeping note... as you can see, I'm using larger-than-before photos on the blog... because I like pretty pictures!  But please give me any feedback if it makes the pages load too slowly or if the formatting doesn't look right on your computer... mmkay?  Thanks!

Saturday, February 12

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day, I wanted to share pics of a custom order with you...

I just love these heart candy soaps... they just say it all, don't they? 

Get it?  "Say it all"?  Get it?  


Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day, spent with the ones you love!

Wednesday, February 9

Monday, February 7

Lychee and Red Tea Soaps

Here are our first brand new soaps for 2011-

Lychee and Red Tea!

I love the color, and the scent is lightly fruity Lychee (an Asian fruit) and slightly floral Rooibos, or Red Tea.  Really nice.

You can find them here!

Sunday, February 6

Fresh Lemon Kitchen Soaps Get a Facelift...

We've updated our oh-so-popular Fresh Lemon Kitchen Soaps by giving them a new size and shape-

They're still made with lemon and orange essential oils, and they still work great on kitchen odors!

You can find them right here...

Monday, January 24

Simply Rose

These are a custom order for a local customer who wanted a simple, soft rose scent.

I really like the way they turned out... simple!

And what a great scent for Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 4

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season- we certainly did!  Thanks to you guys, we sold out just in time for Christmas- thanks so much!

We've got some yummy soaps and products planned for the new year- can't wait to share them with you.

Here's a sneak peek- we made a batch of these just for friends for Christmas, but they were such a hit, we may add them to our soap line... stay tuned, and have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
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