Thursday, February 17

Soapy Inspirations Revealed- Orange Zest!

Here's the inspiration for our latest soaps...

...and here are the soaps!

Orange and citrus lovers, these soaps are for you!  Little soapy orange slices embedded in glycerin soaps, scented with a bright, orange zest fragrance.


  1. These are too adorable! Honestly, you make soap look like works of art. Beautiful!

  2. oh wow, those are beautiful! are those real orange slices in the soap? I'm thinking they are, but they are so tiny!

  3. Thanks, guys! Hen Jen- nope, they're soap! The mold I use for those is actually an orange ice tray- they're really cute, but the detail on them wasn't really showing up in the soap. So I brushed them with a gold mica before embedding them in the final soaps, and I guess it worked, if they look that much like the real thing! :)


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