Thursday, December 23

Tuesday, December 7

Apple Cider Soaps

These are the soaps in our Apple Cider gift crates-

I just think they're so cute, I wanted to give you a closer look!

Friday, December 3

For all Those Santas Out There...

How's your Christmas shopping going?  It always seems like my Christmas list gets longer and longer as the season speeds along- there's always one more person I need to shop for!  Our gift crates are perfect for gift exchanges, co-workers, teachers, babysitters...

They include our Sugar Cube Scrub, 2 bars of soap, and a soap trivet, all handmade, and all nestled in a custom wood crate, ready to go right under the tree!

We're leaving our sales up through this weekend, so go to this post to find your coupon codes!

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