Monday, May 31

Here's Summer!

We took the long weekend to get away and celebrate the unofficial start of summer!

Hope everyone had a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 24

Soapy Inspiration- Summer on the Beach

Memorial Day is this weekend, and that means summer is here!  Warm, lazy days on the beach... how inspiring!

This is Washington Oaks Beach- one of many along the Florida coast.  What I loved most about it (besides the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves!) was all the shells!  I love to beach comb, and we spent hours here finding the perfect shells.

And so, in honor of summer, some soapy seashells:

The color of the ocean, and scented with a fragrance called Salty Mariner!

Here's to a beautiful summer!


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Friday, May 21

Custom Order Shaving Soaps

It seems the art of shaving is making a comeback!

These were part of a custom order for a customer who uses a shaving brush and straight razor.  The soaps are designed for extra sudsy-ness and lather, for the perfect shave!

These are scented with a cool Citrus Mint.  I also experimented with a new technique, which gave a kind of crackled or marbled look.  I like it!

If you're interested in a custom order, feel free to contact us!

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Friday, May 14

Soapy Inspiration- Indian Blanket

These are the latest wildflowers growing in these parts- they're called Firewheels, or Indian Blankets.

This photo gives you an idea of where they got their name- doesn't it look like a pretty blanket spread out over the grass?  (There's a few Indian Paintbrushes thrown in there, too.)

And so, they served as my soapy inspiration this week...

Since these flowers don't really have a scent to them, I used my very favorite Pomegranate fragrance instead...

Indian Blankets always remind me that summer is on her way!

Oh, and it's Friday!!


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Wednesday, May 12

Tuesday, May 11

Cold Springs Studio

Look at these lovelies that showed up on my doorstep last week!

These are tumblers from Cold Springs Studio Pottery in New York- aren't they  pretty?  The glazes are beautiful, rich colors.  I found Alex and Cold Springs Studio last year on his blog.

They go with my Fiesta Ware quite nicely... love them!  Thanks Alex and Nancy!

Friday, May 7

Breakfast for Your Skin

Oatmeal is great for your skin!  It gently exfoliates, and it soothes dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.  Our new Oatmeal Gift Set includes our popular Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Soap, our brand new Bath Whip, made with ground oatmeal, and our hand Whipped Body Butter in a coordinating scent.  So Yummy!

You can find the gift set at Bean Street Market, or you can win it!  Who Doesn't Love Coupons is hosting a review and giveaway right now, so hurry on over!

And, Happy Friday Follow!  To see more of what we do here at Bean Street Market, click the Soapy Inspirations link at the top of the page, and check out our handmade bath and body shop!

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Wednesday, May 5

Soapy Inspiration: Happy Children's Day!

This week is Golden Week- a week of Japanese holidays... and today is Children's Day!  Children's Day, or Kodomo no hi, is a national holiday in Japan to celebrate children's happiness and success.  Koi streamers are hung to symbolize strength and courage.  I found a great photo of these streamers on Flickr taken by Moonstitches:

Koi Nobori

The bright, happy colors inspired these soaps:

 Thanks to Jenny at the Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts for her post about Children's Day (psst, she's doing a giveaway this week too!), and thank you so much to Moonstitches for graciously allowing me to use her photo for some soapy inspiration!

Monday, May 3

Pink Buttercups

These buttercups are blooming right outside the soap studio- aren't they pretty?

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