Wednesday, May 5

Soapy Inspiration: Happy Children's Day!

This week is Golden Week- a week of Japanese holidays... and today is Children's Day!  Children's Day, or Kodomo no hi, is a national holiday in Japan to celebrate children's happiness and success.  Koi streamers are hung to symbolize strength and courage.  I found a great photo of these streamers on Flickr taken by Moonstitches:

Koi Nobori

The bright, happy colors inspired these soaps:

 Thanks to Jenny at the Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts for her post about Children's Day (psst, she's doing a giveaway this week too!), and thank you so much to Moonstitches for graciously allowing me to use her photo for some soapy inspiration!


  1. These are colorful, and fun fishes to see! Beautiful..

  2. Yay for celebrating children!!! =) Great post!

  3. The soap looks so cute. I love the idea of Children's Day. Let's celebrate all the time. :]

  4. i love the fish soap my son had a fish birthday I would have given these in goodie bags, this year it is a lego party, couldn't find lego soap but I found lego people soap. so I am giving that. I do celebrating children too

  5. These soaps are bright and fun- perfect for a children's celebration!

  6. I love how you can see almost anything and make it into a soapy idea. You are really gifted.

  7. My husband has one of those koi streamers from when he lived in Hawaii. LOVE the soaps!


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