Monday, May 24

Soapy Inspiration- Summer on the Beach

Memorial Day is this weekend, and that means summer is here!  Warm, lazy days on the beach... how inspiring!

This is Washington Oaks Beach- one of many along the Florida coast.  What I loved most about it (besides the fact that we had the whole place to ourselves!) was all the shells!  I love to beach comb, and we spent hours here finding the perfect shells.

And so, in honor of summer, some soapy seashells:

The color of the ocean, and scented with a fragrance called Salty Mariner!

Here's to a beautiful summer!


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  1. I can ALMOST smell the ocean through my computer!

  2. Salty Mariner is a fabulous beachy fragrance and I love the ocean blue color you picked. These belong in a beach cabin!

  3. I never saw shells that deep blue color before, amazing. And imagine having that entire beach all to yourselves...hey! where was everybody? Great way to start the summer.

    I had a great weekend too. Smiles.

  4. Gorgeous seashell soaps! The color is blue is just perfect!

  5. Summery beach favorite. Great color on those beautiful soaps. I got mine the other day...LOVE them!


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