Wednesday, November 24

Happy Thanksgiving! And Coupon Codes!!

Here they are- our brand-new Bean Street Market Gift Crates!

And starting on Black Friday through the weekend, use coupon code THANKS to get 10% off your order!  (For our Etsy shop, use coupon code THANKS2010).  We are thankful for all our friends and fans, and we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


  1. Oh your gift baskets are so cool. I love the wooden container they come in. Did you get those custom made with your logon on them? I'm sure those are going to sell well for you.

  2. Yep- these are custom made for Bean Street! We love them...

  3. I hope you got some takers on the Black Friday sale (I'm sure you did)...the gift baskets are darling!


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