Monday, February 15

I Won! I Won!

*beaming*  I just have to share a little bit of sunshine-  I won a blog giveaway over at By Hand Giveaways!  (If you've never been there, you really need to go- lots of super cool stuff...) It was for a gift certificate to Joyful D*sign 's Etsy shop!  I chose this lovely seaglass pendant:

And then I couldn't resist some matching earrings:

Aren't they pretty?  All of her pieces are made with real sea glass- one of my favorite things.  So be sure and stop by her Etsy shop and take a look around!

And thanks again to By Hand Giveaways and Joyful D*sign!


  1. Amy, First off, thanks so much for entering my giveaway! And thanks for blogging about winning the giveaway and about my shop!!! You are the best - I appreciate the shout out! Wear your piece of sunny Florida with JOY!


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