Tuesday, February 23

Snowfall in Texas

We actually got a little snow down here today!  I know most of the rest of the country is sick and tired of snow this year, but this is the first we've seen around here in a while.

The pics off my iPhone aren't great- (my good camera is at the soap studio!)  but you get the idea...
Anyway, it was a good day to stay inside and make soap... so I did!  I'll share some of them with you later this week...


  1. Isn't all the snow crazy!? It was snowing here this morning.

    I hope you are enjoying LOST as much as I am!

    Going to check out your Etsy shop because it looks amazing and thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  2. I am your newest follower from Friday Follow! Feel free to stop by my blog and follow me!


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