Monday, September 13

Autumn Leaf Guest Soaps

This weekend here it was humid and in the 90's... better than the 100's from last month, but kind of difficult to get in the mood for fall.  But I forged ahead and made these autumn leaf guest soaps:

Aren't they sweet?  Each 3 ounce soap has a pretty fall leaf inside (made of soap) and tinted with slightly sparkly mica.

I used Pomegranate fragrance and lemon essential oil to scent them- a wonderful autumn fragrance!  You can find them here in our Etsy store...

...And here's to hoping for some fall weather!


  1. Pomegranate and lemon sound so yummy together and I love the subtle sparkles. Fall is in full effect here in Washington...I'll send it your way =)

  2. These are so sweet. I love the leaves. I love Fall.


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