Saturday, June 27

Shout Out- Texas Wineries

Take a look at this interesting research from Texas:

Texas A&M AgriLife
JUNE 15, 2009

It's happy hour for Texas wineries. Research now shows that wines produced in the Lone Star State share the anti-cancer traits known to exist in wines from other producing regions. Extracts from two Texas red wines decreased cancer cell growth in a comparable magnitude as other wines previously studied, according to Dr. Susanne Talcott, Texas AgriLife Research food and nutrition scientist. Her study, which concluded in May, showed decreased growth of colon and breast cancer cells treated with port and syrah (or shiraz) wine. It was the first such study of the health components of Texas wines, she said.

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"These results could definitely be projected to all Texas wines containing similar amounts of bioactive compounds," Talcott said. "And this will be the basis for a continued intensive study of all the health benefits of wines made in this state."

Okay, so this has nothing to do with bath or body products... But these Texas wineries are some of our neighbors here in the Hill Country, and we thought they deserved a shout out! They offer tours, tastings and weekend entertainment. For more info, visit Texas Wine Trail and Go Texas Wine.

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