Monday, March 22

Custom Pomegranate Gift Set

One of my favorite things to do is to create custom gift sets for customers.  We get a lot of emails from the guy needing a little help putting together something special for that loving, hardworking, never-does-anything-for-herself woman in his life.  We get to create the perfect collection of products and scents just for her, and he gets all the credit for being so thoughtful... win/win!

We made this gift box for just such a woman- a homeschooling mom who really deserved some pampering!  It included Bath Salts, Pomegranate Sugar Cube Scrub, and Pomegranate Swirl and Confetti Rose Shea Butter Soaps.

Mother's Day is just around the corner... so check out our gift sets, or contact us to create the perfect custom gift!  

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  1. I like that set! I'm planning on buying a set for my mom for Mother's Day... I'll be getting in touch with you next month. Glad business is going well for you!


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