Friday, March 19

Friday Follow and Tulip Inspiration

I admit it.  I am totally hooked on Friday Follow!

I've found so many amazing bloggers... and some new soapy inspirations!  Here, let me show you...

This is elizabeth ann photography- such a beautiful blog!  Most of her work is with children (adorable, sweet, so so so cute children!), but I haven't quite figured out how to make a soapy kid... :)

So instead, I took my inspiration from these delicate tulip photographs- aren't they stunning?

The photos are stunning, I mean.  Not the soaps.  The soaps are just cute.  :)  What do you think?

Stop by Elizabeth's blog as you blog hop today, and tell her I said hi!

MckLinky Blog Hop

MckLinky Blog Hop

And this week, we're also hopping with Trendy Treehouse

The Trendy Treehouse


  1. You MADE those soaps?

    For real?

    That's incredible! New follower here!

  2. LOVE them! WOW...I can't believe you made those...So beautiful. Thanks for the link to mine...and for being inspired by my photos. Thats just cool! I'd love to do the a post back to you to my friends, clients and fam can see your work.

  3. Thanks Mama M!

    Elizabeth- that would be great- I really enjoyed the project! (P.S.- I sent you one of the soaps in your order :)

  4. Tulips are my favorite flower of all time - and I desperately wanted them for my wedding but I got married in Mexico ... so, not so much! And by the way, the soap looks great too =))


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