Wednesday, March 24

It's Spring! Now get your hands dirty...

Finished up a fresh batch of Gardener's Scrubby Soap- just in time for some spring planting!  Made with shea butter, pure cane sugar, and ground apricot seeds, it'll clean you right up...

Available at Bean Street Market and our Etsy shop!


  1. Those are so great looking! I'll have to check out your shop!

  2. Email me directly ( am starting a new feature on Friday's and would love to feature these soaps - perfect for spring and summer gardening. I just find so many cool things on blog, I decide to make every Friday "I'm Tickled Pink" Day and I will feature blogs, products, ideas...still figuring it out all...but let me know if you are interested. I hope to have a post up this weekend (tonight) "gal behind the blog" was a whoopsie...trying to use my pages and I hit publish too soon...OK, sorry for the novel.


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