Sunday, August 9

The World's Longest Yard Sale

Well, I missed it again this year... The World's Longest Yard Sale! All this weekend, along Highway 127, 654 miles from Ohio to Alabama, miles and miles of yard sale treasures- anything your heart desires... I'm so intrigued! I first heard about this bit of Americana on HGTV, and it immediately went on my list of things to do. For now, I'll have to just wait until HGTV's 2009 episode, and start planning for August 5-8, 2010, right?


  1. What fun! I LOVE garage sales. This would totally be up my alley =)

  2. PS - Amy, wanted to let you know that the Saponifier Survey has been reset to 0 and everyone that voted is being asked to vote again at the new survey:


  3. Yeah, I saw that- I'll get back over to the polls tonight...


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