Sunday, August 30

Buzzin' Around

We got some super cute little erasers to use as soap embedments this week- here's our first project with them:

I think the bees look great, but we might jazz the soap itself up a bit- making the background layers either a grassy green or sky blue. They're scented with sweet and flowery Grapefruit Lily- good for a bee!


  1. Thanks for pokin' your head up on my blog. Today I zipped over here to see what you've been up to... and WOW! Your soaps look mighty cool. How'd you stumble upon us?

    Love your work. Your blog and Etsy page look mighty nice.

  2. Thanks so much! I think I found you via the Soap Queen...

    I love your pottery- especially your use of color!

  3. These soaps make me smile. So cute and summery!


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