Thursday, August 13

Mint Mojito!

I am really using all my self restraint *not* to use my latest product batch- Mint Mojito Shea Butter Soap!

I embedded a sparkly green swirl for the lime, and added "ice cubes" out of glycerin soap.
The mint and lime mix so well together, with a light, fresh scent.
I've got one little leftover scrap I've been using... it's about to run out! But you can get as many as you want at our Etsy shop- if I don't beat you to it...


  1. Ahhh. This soap sounds like a refreshing way to start your morning! The design is so creative. Love it to pieces!

  2. Thanks Anne-Marie! It's great to have you stop by our little corner of the web!

  3. So I gifted one of these to my girlfriend and she refuses to open it and use it - ha! She just sniffs it through the wrap. She is intrigued tho by the green "ribbon" and has been wondering just how you made this bar so pretty.


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