Thursday, April 29

Indian Paintbrushes

As the Bluebonnets start to fade here in Texas, other wildflowers make their appearance.  These beauties are Indian Paintbrushes:

My Mother in law had these on her kitchen table when we went over to visit last night.  The range of colors come from the different varieties that grow in various soils in the area- aren't they gorgeous?

And a few little daisies for texture...

Just wanted to share them with you!


  1. gorgeous! i love indian paintbrush its native here in colorado too! although I have never tried to grow any in my yard, i may just do that this year.

  2. I am bad at my flower names...not sure I have seen that before...your photos are gorgeous...I must investigate if they grow in CA.

  3. I really love the bright colors in your flower pictures. I have so many flowers in my yard but I dont' have a green thumb, husband does.

  4. Following you on Friday Follow;-)

    Jeanette Huston


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