Wednesday, April 7

And Now To Try Something New

I've really been enjoying my amateur attempts at photography lately- it's probably having all the pretty spring flowers as subjects these days...

So I'm going to take a break from soapy posts today and join Lolli at Better in Bulk and her Bloggography Challenge!

Bloggography at Better in Bulk

This week is The Rule of Thirds... and here's my "entry:"

This pretty verbena is blooming right now with all her friends across the street from my house.  (Don't worry, she'll serve as soapy inspiration later on...)


  1. That is a gorgeous shot! And now I know what verbena looks like. ;)

  2. Nice! I once learned about the rule of thirds, but had forgotten about it. Your purple flower is pretty. Choosing the intersection at bottom left is one I don't see often. Most people seem to go with upper right. But I like yours -- very eye grabbing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow that is really pretty. Is it wild?

  4. Yep, they're wild. In fact, I've tried to transplant some into my flowerbeds, with absolutely no luck (of course, I don't exactly have a green thumb, which may have been part of the problem...)

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I used to dabble in soap making. How cool it is that you grow your own ingredients!

  6. I have to whole heartedly agree with my darling Lolli, a most excellent picture. Can't believe this scene is just across the street from you. Lucky girl!

  7. Bloggogrpahy...what fun! I take so many photos now...I love it. Beautiful!

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