Tuesday, September 15

Travel Tuesday- Duke Gardens, North Carolina

While we do get some fall foliage here in Texas, it's usually not as dramatic as some other parts of the country, and it's much later in the season, too. But the weather has turned cooler (mid 80's all this week (luxury!) instead of over 100 like we had for most of July & August) and I find myself pining for autumn leaves.
So this week's Wish-I-Was-Here is from a trip we took several years ago in the fall to Raleigh-Durham, NC. While we were there, we visited the Sarah P. Duke Gardens, a memorial garden on the Duke University Campus.
With over five miles of paths and walkways through native plants, rose gardens, fountains, and towering trees, it's easy to while away a whole day here. Because we visited in the fall, a lot of the flower beds were dormant, but the autumn colors were fantastic.
Whenever I think of fall, I always think of this beautiful, peaceful place.

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