Wednesday, September 16

For a Friend

A friend of mine had made a special blend of essential oils for herself, but was having some trouble with the carrier oil. The oil she was using was too, well, oily, and it was kind of making a mess. So I took her essential oils formula and made two products for her.

The first is a basic hand and body cream, made with jojoba oil & shea butter. The second is a product I've been making for myself for a while, called Body Dressing. It separates in the bottle into the water and the oils (like a vinagrette, hence the name 'Body Dressing'), and you shake it up before spritzing onto your skin. It's very light and cooling, and I love to use it especially during the summer months just out of the shower when I want a little moisturization without a heavy or sticky feel.

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  1. Oooh. I love the sound of the body dressing. Gotta love a cooling lotion during summer time!


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