Wednesday, July 29

Choices, Choices- Butters

Earlier in the week, I shared some of our favorite oils, as well as why & when we use them. In addition to these oils, we also use butters, which are solid at room temperature. Our top four faves:

Shea Butter- Shea butter comes from the pressed nuts of the karate tree. It naturally has an interesting odor, so we use shea butter that has been refined and is essentially odorless and white in color. It is very emollient and a great skin softener. We use shea butter quite often, especially in our body butters.

Pistachio Butter- Pistachio butter has a light green tint and a slightly nutty scent. It’s very moisturizing, and we use it in some of our balms.

Cocoa Butter- Cocoa butter comes from the cocoa bean, and unrefined has a sweet, chocolate scent. It’s a very hard solid at room temperature, but melts upon contact with skin. We use it in our lip balms, and hand balms.

Coffee Butter- Coffee butter comes from coffee beans, and retain that wonderful coffee aroma. It’s great for body butters.

Pretty yummy stuff, huh?

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