Monday, July 20

Birthday Goodies

This gift basket was custom made for a birthday girl... whose birthday is TODAY!

Filled with Carrot Cake Cupcake Fizzies and Stripey Daisy Soaps, she should have a squeaky clean day.

**Happy Birthday, Lizzy!**


  1. We arrived home from a birthday girl picnic in the park to find the package on the porch. I think from the moment Lizzy spied the box until she and her little sister were in the bath with a cupcake fizzy was about 90 seconds. They spent a good hour pretending to be mermaids. Lizzy even took the "icing" soap, decided it looked like a sand dollar and carved the "flower" detail that you find on a sand dollar right in the middle of her soap. Thank you, Amy, for such a lovely product and an afternoon of squeaky clean fun! (PS - the mama loves her kitchen lemon bar as well)

  2. Glad it was a hit! Sandollar soap... hmmm... that's a great idea, Lizzy!


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