Thursday, June 24

Rosebud Goat's Milk Soap

Just look at these beauties!

These are our new Rosebud Goat's Milk Soaps!  They're sprinkled with real dried rose petals, and scented with a yummy, fruity Passionfruit fragrance and just a hint of Rose.

You can find them here and in our Etsy shop!


  1. Oh those look yummy!!! I love your fruit and flower blends - not so into flowery scents on their own but LOVE them in combination - must. find. excuse. to. order. soap...

  2. Beautiful! You have an amazing blog. And the photographs are drool-worthy!

    I just read your "about you." When I was growing up, I also had a cat with 7 toes on each of his front paws. I loved that big-pawed cat!

  3. Your soaps look lovely!! Following from FFF - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  4. Beautiful! Good job!
    Would be great gifts!
    Xo Frenchy

  5. wow those look cool!

    I'm a new follower btw :)


  6. Wow, amazing pics!

    I'm a new follower too! Nice to meet you :-)

  7. Hi! I'm here from The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Pleased to meet you. I've got a HELLO, HANDSOME blog party happening at my blog right now. I'd be tickled pink if you stopped by and joined in the fun.

    Homemaker Honey

  8. They look gorgeous!, now I'm following your blog!

  9. Those soaps look beautiful. I bet them smell great too! Thanks for coming by today and I replied to your comment at my blog.

  10. Awesome and I wish I had a bar right now to try! Followin' you my friend...Belle

  11. I'm a new follower of friendly Friday follow, please follow me back.
    Thanks, Mr. Monkey

  12. I love handmade soaps. I used to buy them in weekend markets. Goat's milk soap is good for sensitive skin! Those are pretty! Stopping by from Lady Blogger's Tea Social Party! Happy Sunday!


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